MCIT 2019 Rules



1. MCIT (Music City Invitational Tournament) Is an IGBO member tournament open to men and women by invitation only. MCIT is a handicap competition sanctioned by the USBC, and will adhere to USBC rules. Participants must be a member of an IGBO league or approved by the Tournament Committee. Members of any origination identifying that individual as a professional bowler are not eligible to participate in the MCIT.

2.  Certification Pursuant to Rule 300c, all participants must be members of USBC and provide proof of membership (sanction card or signed statement from league secretary). If a participant is non USBC sanctioned member, he/she must pay the appropriate fee of $20 to become a member.

3. Tournament Events MCIT tournament shall consist of Singles, Doubles, Team and Individual All-Events with bowlers only being allowed to bowl once in each event. Each event consists of 3 games per event and all entries must participate in all three event. Additionally optional Scratch and Scratch Masters Events will be offered.

4.  Averages/Handicap Bowlers will use their highest regular season (fall/winter) USBC 2018-19 average (minimum 21 games) as of June 1, 2019. If no regular season average is available, bowlers may use their highest 2017-18 book average (minimum 21 games). Bowlers without one of the above may use their 2018 summer league average with 21 games or more. Bowlers without one of the above shall bowl with an average of 225. Handicap for the MCIT tournament shall be based upon 90% of the difference between the bowlers entering average, as determined above, and a scratch average of 225. Negative handicaps shall not apply. Bowlers who have qualified for a cash prize in excess of $300 or more in a single event, the combined prize money won in excess of $500 in a tournament, and/or the combined prize money won in excess of $1000 in all tournaments completed in within 12 months must report additional information including tournament, dates and prizes won to tournament Directors prior to bowling. Failure to comply could result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fees and prize winnings (USBC Rule 319D). The average of any bowler may be adjusted by the tournament committee of any bowler in question prior to the start of their first event. If the assigned average is not accepted by the bowler, the entry fee shall be refunded. See Rule 319C

5. Verification Averages will be verified on database. Correct USBC membership number must be provided on entry form. If average is not posted in bowler must submit separate average verification from league secretary prior to June 30th, 2019

6. Awards/Prizes All cash awards shall be based on the total pins plus assigned handicap for each event (with the exception of the optional scratch events). Awards will be given in the Handicap Division for the best Singles, Doubles, Team and individual all Events. Award ratio for handicap divisions for Singles, Doubles and Team event shall be at a minimum of at least 1:8 and award ratio for individual All Events and Optional Scratch division shall be 1:10. Prize fees will be returned 100%

7. Registration Tournament registration shall close on July 8, 2019 or when all available spots have been filed with a limit of 32 teams. Once the maximum of 32 teams has been reached a waiting list will be created. Once an entry is accepted, refunds will be only issued at the Tournament Committee’s discretion.

8. Entry Requirements and Fees Entry fees for 2019 MCIT are $110.00 and a non-participant fee will be $35.00 all payable in US funds to MCIT. Personal checks are only accepted before June 30, 2019 after which the entry fee is payable by credit card or PayPal. If payment is by check the entry must be received with paper entry form and mailed to MCIT, C/O Mark Craig, 2916 Starboard Drive, Nashville TN 37217. Entrants accepted will be based on the order in which they are received with full payment. Partial team entries will be accepted and the tournament committee will make every effort to fill vacancies. 

Entry Fee Breakdown

Lineage is $27.00

Trophies $26.00

 Prize Fund $31.00

IGBO fee $0.75 

 Awards Banquet $21.00 

Expense fee $04.25  

Additional optional fees for individual Scratch division, and Scratch Masters and any additional side events are located on the Entry Form.

9. Late Bowlers/Substitutes it shall be the sole responsibility of each bowler to be present at their assigned lane at the time of bowling without regard to transportation irregularities, improper directions, mechanical failures or any other reason. Late bowlers shall begin in the frame in which they are ready, with prior frames scored as zero (0). If a team member is not present, the team may use an authorized substitute as permitted by the tournament committee. If no substitute is available a score of zero will be used for the missing bowler.

10.  Optional Scratch Events are available to all participants for an additional entry fee of $20.00 and can be paid at any time prior to bowling the first event. Divisions will be the same as the Scratch Masters. Prizes will be awarded in each division for the combined accumulative 9 game scratch totals for each event.  

11. Additionally Any rules not covered above, or by the USBC, or any disputes will be decided by the tournament committee and their decision are final.

Scratch Masters

The Scratch Masters competition, in conjunction with the MCIT is available to all participants for an additional fee depending on the division of their respected average. Scratch Master entry fee can be paid at time of entry/registration or prior to the first ball rolled in completion. 100% of entry fee will be returned to the prize fund. All scores will be scratch, (no handicap) and will be run in 4 average divisions.

Division A: Average from 205 and up (entry fee of $50.00)

Division B:  Average from 186 to 204 (entry fee of $40.00)

Division C: Average from 161 to 185 (entry fee of $30.00)

Division D: Average from 0 to 160 (entry fee of $20.00)

Scratch Masters will begin at 1:00 PM on Sunday July 21, 2019

Scratch Masters check-in time will be 12:30 PM on July 21, 2019 if a bowler has not checked in by the scheduled time, the alternate in that division will take their place. If no alternate is available the bowler will forfeit any prize money for that division.

During the Scratch Masters, bowlers will have 10 minutes practice prior to start of competition on any lanes that is assigned for their average division. A pair of lanes will be available for the higher seeds to practice on but once going to their assigned lanes no additional practice will be given.

Scratch Masters playoff’s will be a step ladder final 5th seed bowling 4th seed in a one game roll off, winner bowling 3rd seed and so one.

Payoff of Scratch Masters will be 1st and 2nd place only in each division

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